Cash Management

Cash management consists of all company activities concerning the optimization of financial logistics between in-company business units, the bank and other parties. 

A Corporate Treasury Department can purchase banking services from a central position, as a result of which substantial profits are to be gained. An in-house banking construction will reduce or even totally avoid interest and banking costs.

Besides that it enlarges the controllability of financial positions at group level. Bank balances can be compensated worldwide for interest calculation, and become transparent using specific reporting tools. There is a rather large quality difference between banks, so a good choice is imperative. Also, costs related to the different banking systems differ considerably.

A treasurer is a communicator. His skills enable him to communicate worldwide with locally responsible, financial officers. Representatives at this level often tend to keep doing business with local banks of their own personal choice, even when this is not in the company's group interests.

So besides being able to convincingly demonstrate to these employees how they may benefit more, persuasive power is an essential competence for a treasurer.


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