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In my leisure time I volunteer for World Vision, one of the largest development aid organisations in the world. During our honeymoon, my wife and I visited our foster children in Guatemala. A very special experience, which enhanced our enthusiasm for World Vision even more!

Besides that, I am involved in DoorBrekers, a modern church, founded about thirteen years ago, that has grown from 80 to 2.500 weekly attendants nowadays. Each week we come together for services in Barneveld, Amersfoort, Goes, Zwolle and Drechtsteden.

My favourite hobby is offshore radio. A phenomenon during the late 20th century, whereby radio stations did broadcast from ships in international waters. The most popular 'radio pirate' off the Dutch coast was Radio Veronica. In my personal home studio, I have a collection of thousands of sound recordings, stickers, posters, t-shirts and such.

With regard to sports I like football, cycling, iceskating and tennis. With my wife I support the Dutch "Orange" National Football team and we frequently attend football championship tournaments like the World Cups in South Africa (2010) and in Brasil (2014).


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